Smart brands that solve beauty problems.

Federici Brands LLC (U.S.) and Federici Brands LTD (UK) are privately-held companies founded by a team of beauty innovators known for creating first-and-best-in-class, global beauty brands.

From 1992-2002, marketing visionary Gail Federici,  in alliance with renowned British designer John Frieda and a team of top tier professionals, forever changed the beauty industry landscape through their unique “prescriptive” approach to hair care.

In an era of “one shampoo fits all” mentality, they introduced the world to the first complete hair care ranges dedicated to solving specific problems encountered by specific hair care types, from “frizzies” to all the problems related to natural and color-treated blonde hair.

The same mission to “provide revolutionary solutions to prevalent and unmet beauty problems” drives product innovation at Federici Brands today.

Tucked away in Wilton, Connecticut and in the quiet mews of Holland Park, England Federici Brands houses their “brain trusts”:  reunited veterans from John’s original company, plus a cadre of talent culled from beauty, science, design, technology, finance and media.

There, inspired and stewarded by CEO Gail Federici, intellect, passion, creativity and intuition converge, resulting in  “smart brands that solve real beauty problems’.


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About Gail Federici

Fearless, feisty, fun….Gail has the mind of a scholar, the heart of a warrior and the appearance and energy of a woman decades younger than her true age.

Never daunted, in over thirty years, by a roomful of middle-aged  “suits” with executive titles and 6-figure salaries, Gail has triumphed in the beauty business by eschewing convention, ever-analyzing consumer habits and following her instincts.

She has also been a contestant on “The $20,000 Pyramid”, sung rock ‘n’ roll for her husband’s band, negotiated contracts with gangsta hip hop moguls.  And she bakes a killer Pavlova.

Gail is a deft and creative debater, negotiator, motivator. (NOT because she has a law degree.)  People are drawn to her leadership qualities and awed into silence by her passionate rants for women’s issues, better medical practices, political and educational reform.

She loves art and words. Her innate sense of design manifests in the cool way she dresses.

Gail’s life is seamless: friends are employees, employees are friends. Family is paramount, and loyalties run long and deep.

With her assemblage of co-workers, Gail is hell-bent on success:  again.








the team

Joe Cincotta, PhD, Chief Chemist. The
chemist behind John Frieda Haircare.
While Joe made his name in haircare,
he started in skincare and has gone
back to his roots. Most recently known
as “Dr Joe” of Time Bomb/QVC fame!
It hasn’t gone to his head though…he
still supplies us all with coffee in the
Ann Bell, Partner and long-time partner
of Gail and John Frieda best known for
her expertise in new product development.
She is multi-talented though, she can
read Gail’s mind. She’s the yin in yang!
Katie Stevens, Director of Social Media.
She posts and tweets, or tells other
people to post and tweet. She has an
entire shelf dedicated to healthy food in
her office. When she is busy posting and
tweeting- we steal her food.
Hedi Mandel, Product Development
Specialist and “Cool” Assessment Director.
We love her boots and just about everything
else she wears.
John Frieda, long-time business partner
of Gail Federici. John devotes most of
his time to children, not only his own,
but also to sick children worldwide who benefit from his generous HairRaising Charity.
Gail Federici, CEO, Entrepreneur,
Beauty Expert, World Traveler, Music Enthusiast…  just to name a few. But
titles can be deceiving! She’s dedicated
and works hard…a stickler for details
from START to FINISH. (And that’s a
really good thing for our customers!!!!)

Lulu, British Pop Icon, Grammy Nominated
Song Writer and Principal of Time Bomb.
We are all soooo proud to know her and
to work with her. We really love it when
she happens to be in the office on
someones birthday… who else is going
to sing to us?
Dawn Bell, Design Director. A purist,
creme de la creme package designer,
a typographic genius, a mega-talent. Also possessed with a contagious laugh we
all love!
Duncan Simpson, Multi-Media artist/Photographer, and most recently a DAD!!!! His life is a blur at the moment. But that’s OK, because he likes blurry photos anyway. Ron Young, Accountant. We once
designed a pencil for him that said “It’s a
lousy job, someone’s got to do it.” And
he does it! He also controls the office thermostat….we are well-preserved due
to the extreme cold temperatures we
Kim Livingston, VP Public Relations.
Kim comes with a huge resume and past
success from John Frieda Haircare. For
a PR person, Kim is on the quiet side.
Except when she hates something. Then
she “quietly” lets everyone know how she
feels. We aim to please Kim… we want
her to say nice things about us publicly.
Denis De Souza. Dubbed the King of Color,
Denis dazzles us with his hair color techniques, Brazilian charm,  A-list celeb clients and smile as sunny as Ipanema. He’s the epitome of “Wow”
Lynn Plant, Writer/Brand Strategist. A
key player @John Frieda Haircare,
Lynn has returned to the group for one
reason: she “gets it”. With a stellar
reputation in brand creation, she imparts
words of wisdom daily. Also capable of
a wise-crack!
Shelley Lewis Waln, President. BIG picture strategist extraordinaire…and loves the
building process in getting there. Propelling force behind Martha Stewart Ominmedia meteoric rise, now a tour de force at Fed Brands. Eat local food advocate and soon to   be a teacher of Kundalini Yoga. We bask in her brilliant aura!
Randy Varga, Senior Production Artist,
Master of Photoshop. Randy has his
nose to the grindstone 24/7. Seems
all business, but the truth is- he’s a
master gardener who grows enormous
zucchinis and is an award-winning bowler.
Kate O’Hair, Creative Director. From ad
agency to creative brand builder. An
original MadWoman. Indeed she is! She
says what she means and she’s mean
when she says it. But it’s all in wicked
good fun.
Kim Oliver. Marketing Manager. Don’t
be fooled by her business-like title.
She’s a ham! We’ve recently discovered
that she has on-camera talent.
Jack Roth, CFO. Dignified, reserved…
the essence of preppy. Not all of the
time. We’ve seen him do a fabulous
rendition of Harry Belefonte’s “Day-O”.
His life goes well beyond a spread
Kathleen Telesco, Designer/Movie Maker.
Kathleen brings her own sense of fashion
and color to the office. She’s also very
observant. It could be because of her
hobby: bird watching!
Gill May, General Manager/UK Office.
Funny she’s not wearing a hat because
she wears EVERY hat. Another John
Frieda Hair Care alum. Brands, distribution
and sales wiz. We’re never happy to hear
her “on holiday” voice mail message…
we can’t function without her!
Karen Bogdan. VP Marketing/Hair Master. Keeper of the fire. Task master. Smart
AND organized. When heads are in the clouds…Karen has her feet on the
ground, thank goodness!
Jeff Livingston, VP Technology and Web Development. Resident geek and content
manager to all of our websites… if there is fantastic new technology to buy- he owns
it. After “test driving” all of his new toys…
he gets around to upgrading our software! Apple Fanboy!
Jim Federici, VP Legal. If you want an
answer and you want the answer to be
“NO”…you’ve met Jim! As we run wild
with passion and excitement for our
brands, he keeps us honest. There is a
lawyer in every crowd, lucky Jim Fed is
Ian Roth, Accounting Support.
Ian is transitioning from Pre-Med to Business
and will soon be attending Southern Connecticut State University.
Ian admits that he actually likes numbers!!
Always willing to jump in and help, we embrace his go-fer it attitude!
Lynn Federici, VP Operations. Also
known as “Kuk”. Lynn is always busy.
The good news is, when Lynn is having
a bad day – she laughs uncontrollably.
Fortunately Operations remains under
control at all times.
Charlotte Phillips and Olivia Fairey, UK
Office Dynamic Duo. Totally connected
and clued in. Anything make-up, fashion
or hair, they’re there.
James McMillan, EVP Sales.”Mac”.
“Jimmy Mac”. Superstar salesman, his
Texas charm opens retail doors
worldwide. Big player in the John Frieda
days. Like the man says, “this ain’t my
first rodeo”.
Diane Turek, Operations. Accountant,
scribe, analyst, right hand and auxiliary
brain to Lynn F. Keeps thousands of
moving parts moving as they should.
Cindy Calitri, Executive Assistant to
Jimmy, Jeff….pretty much everyone.
Relentless pursuer of outstanding
receipts and invoices. In her own
words, “No job too small.” The nicest
nudge we know.
Newest member of the Federici Team,
Miriam Guadalupe brings us over 20
years experience Clairol Professional,
P&G Beauty, and Wella International.
She is also founder and owner of Wigs
Your Way, a company dedicated to
helping women with medical hair loss.
Ken Baumstein, Operations. “Kenny B”.
Music lover, music mensch. He keeps
Operations in tune while blasting great
tunes throughout the office.


the brands



Time Bomb A pop star, a beauty expert, and a doctor join forces to WIN THE WAR AGAINST AGING! At Federici Brands we’re advocating a new age of “anti-aging”: never surrender! We don’t view aging as disease or impediment. It’s an opportunity! Why should women have to succumb to negative thinking and overt signs of aging when we can deliver truly transformational, time-stopping skincare based on our innovative formulas and “kickass ingredients” (natural, naturally-derived or technologically advanced?) Time Bomb is high performance beauty products and stay-chic accessories. Smart strategies, sound advice, secret weapons for every woman who wants to win the war against aging. In high command behind the brand: CEO Gail Federici, beauty product development savant; Dr. Joe Cincotta, beauty chemist extraordinaire and iconic British entertainer, Lulu who is our muse, our spokesperson, our inspiration of how to look great, live well and age victoriously! VISIT WEBSITE Color Wow Frizz fixed? Check. Blonde reborn? Check. Now, the same hair care experts team up to conquer all the major problems with hair color so women can get PERFECT HAIR COLOR 365. At Federici Brands, we know how important hair color is to women. And how hard it is to maintain beautiful color for 4-6 weeks (or longer) between applications. DIY at-home hair color or top-dollar, professional salon color, it doesn’t really matter. Because within days of application, so much can, and does go wrong: color fading; brassiness; dull, porous, unhealthy hair texture; cleansing and styling products that strip or alter color. And of course, the emergence of dreaded roots. Color Wow is a complete range of hair color helpers formulated to address every major problem associated with hair color. No more roots…ever! No brassiness, dulling or fading! No dry or dull texture. Fewer salon appointments, less stress about “bad color days.” Just more “wow!”, everyday. VISIT WEBSITE


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